Users unable to access Net Folder if Net Folder Server is reassigned

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  • 08-Apr-2016
  • 08-Apr-2016


Novell Filr 2.0


If the Filr administrator re-assigns the Net Folder Server for a given Net Folder to a different Net Folder Server and also deleted the original Net Folder Server entry, users are no longer able to access the Net Folder.

Consider the scenario:
Net Folder Server 1: /volume1/data
Net Folder 1: sales/product-launch
Net Folder Server 2: /volume1/data

If the Filr administrator modifies the "Net Folder 1" and changes it's Net Folder Server to "Net Folder Server 2" and then deleted "Net Folder Server 1", users who were previously able to access the "Net Folder 1" data will no longer have access.


A fix for this issue is under investigation. In the mean time, use the following workaround when re-assigning and deleting Net Folder Servers (using the same example as above):

1. Re-assign the "Net Folder Server 2"
2. Visit the "Net Folder 1" right's tab and remove all groups/users
3. Add the groups/users again
4. Run a full manual sync on the "Net Folder 1"


Reported to Engineering