Ocassionally Unable to attach to SSPR server - request times out

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  • 05-Apr-2016
  • 05-Apr-2016


Self Service Password Reset
SSPR 3.3.1
LDAP ⇨ General LDAP Settings ⇨ LDAP Idle Timeout   set to 0


When connecting to SSPR, scroll bar moves back and forth and no attachment is made
Error: "Request Timed out" when trying to attach to SSPR


Set the LDAP Idle Timeout to something other than 0.  We suggest returning to the default value of 5 minutes by clicking the "Return this setting to its default value" icon in SSPR Configuration Manager, LDAP ⇨ General LDAP Settings ⇨ LDAP Idle Timeout  

Additional Information

Debug.log file showed that the ldap connection had been closed, presumably because of a network or other error detected by something between the SSPR server and the LDAP server.  With the LDAP idle timout set to 0, the SSPR - LDAP connection should never time out.  If it has been closed SSPR will try to revive the closed connection until the request finally times out.  If SSPR has an "LDAP Idle Timeout" value it will create a new connection much more quickly.  
Snipit from debug.log:
2016-04-03T21:13:22Z, WARN , provider.FailOverWrapper, unable to reach ldap server ldaps://something.whatever.com:636, last error: something.whatever.com:636; socket closed