How to extract the MSI installer from the CG Server

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  • 05-Apr-2016
  • 22-Aug-2016


NetIQ Change Guardian 4.2
NetIQ Change Guardian
NetIQ Change Guardian


 Unable to extract the MSI file from NetIQCGAgentSilentInstaller.exe for manual installation.
How to extract the MSI file from the NetIQCGAgentSilentInstaller.exe for manual installation. 
How to obtain the MSI file to bypass and agent with outdated certificates.
No trusted root certificate found error during agent installation. 


1.) Login to the CG Server using root.

2.) Change directory to /opt/netiq/ams/ams/repository/30d42d81-eff6-4ea9-b1b7-ebc891600fa2

3.) Copy the NetIQChangeGuardianAgent.msi from this directory to the target windows machine using a tool such as WinSCP (ensure that the MSI is not renamed or future upgrades may fail. Windows remembers the original MSI name).

4.) Login to the Webui and select the Integration icon then Agent Manager.

5.) Select All Assets then Manage Installation\Download.

6.) Select to download the Change Guardian Agent for Windows.

7.) Once the agent is downloaded then extract the .zip file and locate the NetIQCGAgentSilentInstaller.config.

8.) Copy the NetIQCGAgentSilentInstaller.config to the same directory as the .msi file.

9.) From the command window cd to the directory of the files and run this command : msiexec.exe /i NetIQChangeGuardianAgent.msi /q CONFIG_FILE=XXXX\NetIQCGAgentSilentInstaller.config

(Replace XXXX with the full path location of NetIQCGAgentSilentInstaller.config)


The target machine for the agent installation does not have an updated certificate to match the agent installation.  The agent must have an internet connection to be able to update this certificate to the latest version.  

Additional Information

These instructions will allow you to use the .msi stripped from the wrapper however it will make the Change Guardian Agent Manager feature unusable.  Once an agent is deployed or installed outside of the Agent Manager none of the status information displayed will be updated or kept up to date.