ZENworks Configuration Management 11.4.2 - update information and list of fixes

  • 7017469
  • 05-Apr-2016
  • 02-Aug-2016


Novell ZENworks Asset Management 11.4.2
Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11.4.2
Novell ZENworks Endpoint Security Management 11.4.2
Novell ZENworks Full Disk Encryption 11.4.2
Novell ZENworks Patch Management 11.4.2


NOTE: For 11.4 primaries, this update has a prerequisite. For more information, please refer to TID 7016896 - ZENworks Configuration Management Post ZENworks 11 SP4 Update Prerequisites - update information .

NOTE: If the server is already upgraded to ZENworks 11.4.1, the "Post 11 SP4 Update Prereq" has already been applied. Do NOT apply it again.

This update can be downloaded from  https://download.novell.com/Download?buildid=9E9xg7YEuDo~ . A readme and instructions for importing the update can be found on the download page.

Version Information
Windows: %ZENWORKS_HOME%\version.txt =
Linux: /etc/opt/novell/zenworks/version.txt =

GUID for this update:

To verify that a device has been updated to Update for ZENworks 11 SP4 (11.4.2), check the following versions:
On Primary Servers:

Primary Servers platformLinuxWindows
ZENworks Configuration Management Version11.4.2.0
ZENworks Asset Management Version11.4.2.11050
ZENworks Patch Management Version11.4.2.601
ZENworks EndPoint Security Management Version11.4.2.11050
ZENworks Full Disk Encryption Version11.4.2.1105011.4.2.11050
ZENworks Agent Version11.4.2.12471
ZENworks Updater Service Version

On Managed Devices

Managed Devices Platform
Asset Management
Bundle Management
Endpoint Security Management
Full Disk Encryption
Image Management
Inventory Management
Patch Management
Policy Management11.4.2.1105011.4.2-
Remote Management11.4.2.1105011.4.2-
User Management11.4.2.11047-
Inventory Collector

ZENworks Updater Service Version
:  (This is only for windows)


Bug 735164 Special characters display incorrectly in ZCC
Bug 963647 ZAM "Suites / Components" report not filterable or groupable by Device Folder
Bug 744217 Page size list option control is not displayed "sticky" for all pages in ZCC
Bug 769754 nzrviewer endless loop after initiating remote control with the internet explorer
Bug 856133 configuration files are getting randomly corrupted
Bug 868782 zman wret causes a nullpointer java exception 11.3
Bug 870245 no ability to change checkpoint temp files on Windows
Bug 872987 Audit not working with MSSQL DB & default collation not SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS
Bug 874221 Successful wake on lan events are logged even though System Log is set to 'Error' only
Bug 876542 When TempDB and ZENworksDB have different collation settings audit events do not flow into DB
Bug 876599 Windows 8.1 update on linux has improper version.txt (no linefeed)
Bug 894028 Applications do not automatically uninstall when Bundle device association is removed
Bug 897468 Sharing bundles between zones fails with exception SubscriptionServerException: java.io.IOException: Error in data stream
Bug 899030 Assigning ZCC Administrative Rights to Contexts results in granting rights to unintended objects
Bug 906599 Remote controlling device with scaling set to 'auto' does not auto fit to the screen on management console. Switching RM viewer screen with scroll bars to 'auto' scaling does not resize the parent window.
Bug 913734 "Windows Service Start Failure" when using Standalone updater
Bug 916086 French statusmessage is truncated
Bug 916400 [All] folder on German NALwin shows initially [All] and only later [Alles]
Bug 917429 Deleting a subscription does not delete the acknowledge Items  from the database
Bug 919826 Dell Latitude 7250 not able to image after Feb 2015 Imaging Update (e1000e driver issue)
Bug 922300 bad wif after scan of exe with no version number
Bug 922904 ZCC advanced search on device returns nothing on criteria of Product-Name
Bug 923798 content.cleanup queue action gets duplicated and fails on next run
Bug 926550 Remote session start message window not scaling to actual message size
Bug 926563 Authentication through credential manager failing on Terminal server after few days uptime
Bug 927102 Bundle metadata stays behind in agent cache
Bug 927175 Migration from sybase to Oracle giving an error
Bug 928188 Device not getting any bundles
Bug 928680 Could not find a Handler associated with the following type: Full Disk Encryption Policy
Bug 928889 No network connection with Realtek adapter in Lenovo M30-70
Bug 929549 Inherited HTTP Proxy Settings don't show
Bug 929796 Device Search under Bundle  Status is case-sensitive for Name Filter
Bug 930615 System update assignments stays pending forever if made from a group and then re-assigned to a different  group.
Bug 930736 Bundle edit registry action execute as USER not configurable using Internet Explorer
Bug 930754 Provide a way to access the diagnostic page information without live interaction (to integrate it into a third party management framework)
Bug 932001 No prompt if NALWIN is configured as WIndows shell
Bug 932194 Error "Failed to get association list data" when viewing Bundle Relationships
Bug 932360 ZCC Diagnostics UI  connects to Audit but unable to load tables (sybase) due to ClassCastException
Bug 932462 novell-zenworks-windows-desktop fails to uninstall and primary server keeps rebooting
Bug 933415 Deleting credentials used with bundle action run as DAU option leaves behind credentials GUID on the action
Bug 933772 Slow ZCC viewing Bundle status after applying Cumulative Patch
Bug 934094 Restore of image crashes img process
Bug 934310 User assigned bundle launch fails randomly - UserDaemon not registered during login session.
Bug 935946 Incorrect "Bundle Modify" Audit Change Event.
Bug 935975 Devices marked "isTest" takes long time to refresh - Agents looping retries for assignment requests
Bug 936279 11.3.2: DAU bundle causes nalshell crash on workstation
Bug 938231 ZCC login should be case insensitive
Bug 938483 Display distorted for HP Revolve G3 when trying to image
Bug 940351 In combination with the product Immidio Flex (VMWare) when the GPO gets applied it remove the FlexEnginge.exe
Bug 940894 Unable to create 'SUSE Subscription', error in ZCC
Bug 941368 inventoryRefreshHandler stuck on bad cache and not scanning on schedule
Bug 941534 Printers installed by iprint policy are created with "open" rights
Bug 942157 Unable to modify bundle schedule if initial schedule during assignment is set to 'now'
Bug 943328 DLU policy metadata fails to parse
Bug 943381 Bundle action cannot access DFS shares as dynamic administrator
Bug 943781 unManagedAgentId is coming with some value instead of NULL
Bug 944068 random but frequent agent hang on Mac OSX 10.10.5
Bug 944976 Image Explorer doesn't work on Win7 64-bit
Bug 945106 ZCM 11.4.0 - Windows Group Policy not enforcing
Bug 945795 - Disabled patches previously cached not cleaned up from content system on Satellites and/or primary
Bug 945893 Bundle action "Registry Edit" adds data of value twice
Bug 946231 ZR 5 documentation examples are not referring to the ZENworks domain
Bug 946831 Imaging services shutdown immediately after they are started in SLES 12
Bug 948604 Oracle Inventory report fails if report details too long ORA-22835
Bug 949141 When DNS disagrees with local device name on Mac xplat, agent sends up dns name as hostname
Bug 950836 GPO Configured Desktop Wallpaper is not restored after device Remote control Session/Device restart
Bug 951201 Keyboard layout change doesn't work with remote management
Bug 951772 No Table Count information for Audit DB in ZCC Diagnostics if zenauditadmin user is different
Bug 952415 ZDC reports wrong column size for Asset Management related temp tables in Oracle db
Bug 952545 ZCM 11.4.0 Satellite ATS.LOG Typo (Autheticate.. changed to Authenticate)
Bug 952584 AtsSvcInstall.log.<date> files are not rotated on Windows Primary servers
Bug 952738 11.4  Remote Control  using Rights Authentication Fails for  ZCC user with empty FullName attribute
Bug 953340 High Utilization on ZENloader caused by Inventory
Bug 954267 Receive "Assignments.creation.failed" when assigning bundle to a device selected from "Device Logged into" list of the user.
Bug 954284 On French ZCC - Option "Renouveler le certificat de serveur..." doesn't work
Bug 954430 NC_WindowsPlatformSWComponent inventory table not documented
Bug 954622 Bundle content status stays in Packaging
Bug 954648 Can't save ad hoc report in Audit Domain when french language used
Bug 954846 System Update Agent Message does not support Customizing Text if Postpones are enabled.
Bug 954942 Remote Join proxy settings set to default when upgrading to ZCM 11SP4
Bug 954944 Diagnostics Page Health Metrics reset to default when upgrading to ZCM 11SP4
Bug 955315 RHEL servers with Inventory Only Agent register as Windows 98 device
Bug 955436 README for ZDC is incorrect
Bug 955555 Remote Transfer Files uses the logged in user
Bug 955700 ZCM 11.4 - Bundle Uninstall Action Fails to complete actions after Reboot action
Bug 955799 zac --help not showing the switch zeus-ref
Bug 955816 Dynamic group refresh not completing causing db performance issues
Bug 956242 Not able to login with an additional dns-name configured
Bug 956426 Many entries ncc.reregistration.queue.id with the status N and I which caused high util at the DB
Bug 956935 "Unable to perform action. The bundles of type Linux Bundle are disabled" error on every full refresh
Bug 957317 Database blocks access due to dynamic query group members calculation
Bug 957434 WIF file from Linux device having NIC adapter without bound IP address fails to get processed
Bug 957464 Agents reports multiple ZCC error messages -  Could not add bundle <XXXX> to session
Bug 958942 changing Satellite server roles does not remove the roles from the location/network environment
Bug 959013 ZCC Reporting rights not inheriting through group
Bug 959130 initial-web-service file getting corrupted
Bug 959143 bundles are not executed on the configured launch schedule
Bug 959491 German ZCC, Bundle Requirement  OS 10.0 - Windows 10 / Windows Server 10-Versionen is not working
Bug 959581 11.4 post update, primary server agent logs the error "Unable to install or uninstall components:"
Bug 959650 cdf xml file has nulls in it
Bug 959699 Desktop Icon triggered bundle launch delayed by up to 10 minutes
Bug 959729 Online Documentation Indicates ZCM 11.4.0 Supports SLES 11 SP4 in addition to ZCM 11.4.1
Bug 959766 zac sts help has typeo
Bug 959952 changes to diagnostics page in 11.4 make it less useable - can't sort on services pane
Bug 960138 Can not display the content when click the next page in patch policy rules tab
Bug 960170 PXE boot hangs when connecting to Prebootpoliy service
Bug 960436 Fujitsu Esprimo P9900 stuck during PXE boot after upgrade to 11.4.1
Bug 960559 Hardware information incorrectly populated breaking hardware rule based imaging
Bug 960586 ZR 5 to 5.6.1 data migration documentation is missing
Bug 960613 Exception in zmd logs while agent tries to download novell-zenworks-libsolv-helpers-11.4.1_0.6.6-6.1.i586.rpm
Bug 960632 ZCM 11.3 Migration Documentation - Spell check "Machin"
Bug 960792 zac iac breaks authentication and fails on zone with subCA entered prior to 11.4
Bug 961017 ZCM11.2.1 After OS Migration - Cannot delete dormant server object
Bug 961024 Logged In User in ZCC not clearing out when there is no user logged in
Bug 961189 system update 11.4 corrupting jre causing zeus to fail after update on Windows satellites and primaries
Bug 961568 MDT Deployment bundle documentation & VMWare
Bug 961918 Dynamic workstation group fails to refresh (dgr)  randomly on Oracle : ORA-02291: integrity constraint
Bug 962036 11.4 Pre-requisite update cannot re-apply if SU command failed after installing version (MSI)
Bug 962208 Inventory scanner fails to recognize French characters for software defined in registry
Bug 962730 CA certificate left behind by remote management agent
Bug 962972 DLU custom groups are removed and created every time
Bug 962973 Patch Reboot Prompt days & hours prompt wrong way round
Bug 963073 Novell Client SP4 (Only Version Supported on Windows 10) is not Listed as compatible
Bug 963084 zicon property page hang on OSX 10.10.5
Bug 963098 11.4 system update reset joinproxy connection settings back to default on primaries
Bug 963503 System Update Agent Message does not support Customizing Text if Postpones are enabled. The fix of the original bug should be documented as well.
Bug 963547 InventoryStorer threads stops WIF processing & loading Network SW usage history - Loader runs OutOfMemory
Bug 963698 ZCM Logon Intermittently fails after boot due to slow ZENworksWindowsService Init
Bug 963773 ZEUS Documentation
Bug 963870 Reconciliation is not being properly handled in Desktop Provisioning in XenDesktop environment
Bug 963886 QuickTask Install /Launch Bundle and  Now  Schedule does not work as expected in 11.4.1
Bug 964537 Unable to open an Bundle in the ZCC due to NULL issue
Bug 965547 ZCM Logon Intermittently fails after boot due to slow ZENworksWindowsService Init
Bug 965675 initial-web-service bad when using registration key on xplat
Bug 966198 at shutdown/restart the nzrWinVNCApp.exe is not responding and stops the shutdown/restart process
Bug 966279 Satellite 11.4.1 they are getting java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Metaspace errors
Bug 966709 Initial web service file contains additional BEGIN CERTIFICATE statements if registration key got deleted from zone
Bug 967313 ZCM 11.4 - passive login failure when logging in too quickly after prompted
Bug 967315 Documentation for zac for Windows misses "Collection Rollup Commands"
Bug 967885 ZeUS fails to start since Java Runtime cannot be updated from version 7 to 8 due  to unsupported OS
Bug 967945 Agents unable to detect DSFW  Domains names fails Login to due to Auth Sources Limit
Bug 969129 [Bundle] Distribution Schedule : Schedule Type Now does not work as expected.
Bug 969521 Unable to install bundles with Now - Immediate Schedule: ZMD.RefreshHandlerException ITEM_REFRESH : Key cannot be null
Bug 970137 removing a role from zzenserverroles deletes all roles MSSQL
Bug 970525 Subscription Replication status incorrect
Bug 971545 Unavailable content after moving from Linux to Windows primary server
Bug 972093 Inventory only Sles 11 gets imported as Win98 device
Bug 972671 ZCC login should be case insensitive
Bug 973287 Remote management agent crashes while closing connection
Bug 973360 Linux Satellite server downloading content big from Primary server, results in Error 500
Bug 973692 Windows 7 and 8 embedded windows agents have 6.0 version in zostargets causing zpm dau to fail
Bug 976299 NullPointerException : running ZDC executes ZENworks Appliance Files Verifier (not an Appliance)
Bug 922721 ZESM event log flooded with "EventQ had an unhandled exception - Tagged Data Store Changed Event "
Bug 940318 Surface Pro 3 BSOD when scanning through  add devices
Bug 946379 Unwanted floppy drive access
Bug 953185 Administrator options missing in FDE info box on GERMAN device
Bug 955229 Devices with a Storage unit and USB Microphone (Philips voice recorder) not able unblock
Bug 955473 order doesn't trump weight for location detection
Bug 960749 Preferred Device list in Storage Device Control policy not working based on Description
Bug 962871 ZCM11.4.1 ZAA fails Error: 1310 during FDE msi install
Bug 965099 Location Lite fails to match client DNS suffix
Bug 971962 Password override password not updating on endpoint device
Bug 973145 ZESM Firewall policy direct assignment does not overwrite group assignment
Bug 928548 Synchronization of ZISD access
Bug 929745 HP Elitebook Revolve 810 G2 BSOD on reboot if novell-fde-sec.msi is installed
Bug 949255 Typo in FDE-About box when (German language) device is encrypting.
Bug 952301 Novell NCP Client Prompts for Logon when Disabled if FDE PBA is installed
Bug 957192 Failure to Initialize Preboot Loader on x250 Toshiba with THNSNJ512GCSU HDD
Bug 960207 FDE fails on HP Elitebook 1040 G2
Bug 961246 dmi.ini file gets removed after upgrade to 11.4.1
Bug 963104 ZMAN PTC - Not documented
Bug 969920 FDE Policy removed, decryption process is not starting
Bug 861130 Patched, Not Patched, Not Applicable Measures not correct
Bug 923841 Deployment to mac advanced options are using Windows install file actions
Bug 927694 Audit event failure with ColOldValue
Bug 940744 ZRS - Patch ad hoc object should not include OSNAME
Bug 951973 Running "Patch Bundle Deployment Status" causes high IOPS on database.
Bug 952242 PatchSignature and PatchPackage Delete statements cause deadlocks
Bug 952422 Corrupt patch bundles in folder with German month shortcut
Bug 952967 plr processing allowed patchdevicestatus signature_id null causing massive disruption to Oracle
Bug 953025 Informational message needed instead of FileNotFoundException: http://novell.cdn.lumension.com/novell/withdrawns/legacy-guids
Bug 953026 Oracle exception after change to Patch Filter options
Bug 953390 Documentation - Boolean system variable case sensitive
Bug 955988 2 DAU bundles assignments
Bug 957765 Very slow to open Patch Policy tab in ZCC
Bug 958557 Patch Policies with system requirements throw error when sysreq fails
Bug 959631 fix logging in patch for "Patch is in quarentine"
Bug 964112 nullpointerexception while doing mac bundle deployment with advanced options
Bug 965725 mac deployment "apply to all unpatched devices" does not select all unpatched
Bug 967872 Too many devices in patch device list on device groups
Bug 977689 system user cab and other content left in windows\temp folder