Auditing file showing email-id instead of user cn when printing thru email

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  • 05-Apr-2016
  • 05-Apr-2016


iPrint Appliance 1.1 patch 4 and higher


When enabling auditing on a printer and printing using the email feature of the appliance, the name registered on the audit file is the email address of the sender and not the CN name of the user


1. Verify that imported users have on the source object the email-id configured before getting imported into the appliance. For example:


2. Open "/etc/opt/novell/iprintmobile/conf/iprintmobile.conf" file.

3. Include "audit_common_name=true" at the end.

4. restart mobile server:

rcnovell-iprint-mobile restart

Now when user sends a print job thru email, his email address is matched to his CN and only the CN is sent to the audit service, in this case only "usa" will be sent.


This feature (audit_common_name) is not enable by default. It has to be enabled manually

Additional Information

More information about the parameter will be in "/etc/opt/novell/iprintmobile/conf/iprintmobile.conf.template" file