Unable to start post office on GroupWise 2014

  • 7017465
  • 04-Apr-2016
  • 04-Apr-2016


Novell GroupWise 2014


Starting post office in show mode shuts down immediately sometimes showing a segmentation fault
GroupWise post office shows dead and will not start
post office starts up when only having essential files in the post office directory (ngwguard.db, wphost.db, dc files, etc)


  1. Navigate to /path/to/po/ofmsg
  2. Move the ngwdfr.db file out of the post office directory
  3. Start the post office
If the above steps do not help, it's likely that there is another file that is causing an issue.  Please open a service request in order to help determine what the problem file is


In the case above, the ngwdfr.db was preventing the poa from coming up.  This file is used for messages that are scheduled to be sent at a later time and to keep track of user moves.