Error: "-782" while trying to open the database

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  • 01-Apr-2016
  • 01-Apr-2016


Novell NetWare 5.0
Novell NetWare 5.1
Novell NetWare 6.0
Novell Directory Services FLAIM Database
Novell eDirectory 8.7
Servers that only have an external reference of the Tree Root object


Error: "-782" while trying to open the database
Sometimes will occur after an upgrade to NDS 8
Might occur after running a DSREPAIR -XK2 or -XK3
Will occur only on servers that do not hold a real replica of the [Root] partition.
Will occur if running eDirectory 8.7 (shipping version) on a server with an exref copy of the Tree Root object and a local database repair is run.


Check to make sure that your xref server can communicate with a server that holds a real copy of the Root partition.  If there are no communication problems, try unloading DS and reloading it again.  If you are still unable to open the database, call Novell Technical Support to arrange for a dial in.  If the server is a non-essential server, removing eDirectory and reinstalling the server back into the tree will also fix the problem.  You will need to use the -DSREMOVE switch when loading NWCONFIG in order to force eDirectory off the server.
If you are experiencing this problem on an exref server running eDirectory 8.7, Novell Engineering is aware of the issue and is currently fixing the problem.  If the server ever held a replica of the Root partition at one point, you most likely will not see this problem.  A workaround to the problem is to add a R/W replica of the Root partition, run a local database repair and then remove the R/W replica of Root. 

Additional Information

Running a DSREPAIR (-XK3) changes the flags on all Exref Objects and adds the Verify CTS flag, which can be seen in NDS iMonitor.  The Verify CTS flag is an indicator that the object needs to be rebacklinked.  When the backlinker runs, it will attempt to rebacklink all objects with this flag.  Once the backlinker has completed, the flag will change from Verify CTS to Backlinked.  If for some reason the database is closed or the server reboots before the backlinker has a chance to run, when NDS tries to open the Database it sees the Verify CTS flag on the Tree Root object and generates the 782 error.  If the server can contact a real replica of Root, then the database will still open.  If the xref server cannot contact a server with a copy of the Root partition (communication problems) then the database will remain locked.

Formerly known as TID# 10058275
Formerly known as TID# NOVL31974