Sometimes the Excel report is not written

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  • 01-Apr-2016
  • 05-Apr-2016


NetIQ Secure Configuration Manager 6.0


Due to a network issue sometimes excel reports are not saved. If there multiple excel distributions 
happening in parallel, once an excel distribution is over it kills all other excel processes. As a result
other excel distributions fail. 


If excel reports are not saved to a network path, then the report can be saved locally in a temporary folder and saved to network path. 
To enable do the following:
1. From core server machine, open Core Configuration Utility in Advanced mode by navigating to %Program files%/Netiq/Secure Configuration Manager/Core services/bin/config.exe. Right click on the exe to execute
2. Update the value gladiator/report/ReportExportSaveExcelLocally/Enabled to true. 
3. Restart the Netiq Core Services service.


Network issues cause the report not to be saved.