Unable to install secondary domain, a new post office.

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  • 31-Mar-2016
  • 29-May-2020


Novell GroupWise 2014
Novell GroupWise 2014 R2


You are about to create new secondary domain and that does not work well. A domain object does not get created or eventually yes but agent does not start or it ends with other errors.
You create new PO and agent does not start. 


Those problems do have few a common root cause that happens very often.
  • A secondary domain fails.
We would recommend to start with a creation of certificate files on primary domain MTA if MTA -> SSL Settings fields are empty. Simply click on Generate Certificate and provide any password.
Once you do that, please, restart gwadminservice to re-read new certificates.
Make also sure that a primary domain directory has domain DC files. Those are:
Since those sometimes do not get "refreshed" during install, make sure they are right version or just copy these from /opt/novell/groupwise/admin/data directory.
Next, each domain (also secondary) must have a directory called wpoffice and there must be the ngwguard.dc file.
When considering new secondary domain, it might be safer also to create manually a directory for it and copy up front these DC files there.
Once this is done, go ahead and create new secondary domain.
  • A post office fails.
Here again, make sure that domain directory does include domain DC files and the wpoffice directory with ngwguard.dc file is present there. Furthermore, we would still recommend to populate certificates on MTA object. Once you regenerate those certificate files, do not forget to stop and start gwadminservice on the server.
Alike a problem with a domain, we would suggest to go safer and create manually a directory for intended PO and copy there up front post office DC file. Those are:
You can find those DC files in /opt/novell/groupwise/admin/data.
After that, go ahead and create new PO and point it to this "prepared" directory.