couZac Inv Scannow returns false

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  • 29-Mar-2016
  • 19-Dec-2018


Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11 Inventory
Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 2017 Inventory


Running zac inv scannow produces the following error:

"Processing Command: inv

RunScan returned False
inv scannow completed."


1. Clear all xml files from %ZENWORKS_HOME%\work\inventory
2. If new zmd-messages.log files are not being created, also consider deleting existing zmd-messages.log files in C:\Program Files (x86)\Novell\ZENworks\logs\LocalStore and restarting the agent service.
3. Run the zac inv scannow command again.
4. If you need further help in troubleshooting this issue, please contact Micro Focus Customer Care.

* Also try updating to 2017 Update 2a or later (Bug 1057470 RunFAProblemUnexpectedException and RunScan returned False). See

Additional Information

If this does not help, putting the agent into debug mode and finding any of the below errors in zmd-messages.log may indicate root cause for the problem.

  1. InventoryScan.RunScan not scanning because Inventory settings is null
  2. InventoryScan.RunScan not scanning because User can Initiate Scan option is disabled from configuration
  3. InventoryScan.RunScan not scanning because module is stopped
  4. RunScan: Inventory Manager is disabled, not doing scan
  5. InventoryScan.RunScan invalid PastDue, not running scan
  6. Collector is already running
  7. CheckPastDue, isInSchedule returned false