How to enable logging for AAF Client

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  • 29-Mar-2016
  • 29-Mar-2016


Advanced Authentication Framework
AAF 5.2
AAF 5.2 Workstation Client


How to enable logging for the AAF Windows Client


1. Create a text file C:\ProgramData\NetIQ\Logging\
2. Add the string to the file: logEnabled=True which ends with a line break (enter)
3. Create the directory: C:\ProgramData\NetIQ\Logging\Logs\
4. Restart the workstation
5. Reproduce the problem. Logs will be located in C:\ProgramData\NetIQ\Logging\Logs\

NOTE:  Make sure the file ends with the extension ".properties."   Depending on how the file is created, it could be created by default with a .txt extension.  A file named "" will not generate logs.