Discovery_NT fails on servers with Chinese locale settings

  • 7017421
  • 29-Mar-2016
  • 31-Mar-2016


NetIQ AppManager Enterprise 9.1


Discovery_NT jobs fail with cannot find objects when it is run against a Windows Agent, on servers with Chinese locale settings.


This issue can be corrected by changing the value of the hidden PRM_REENCODE parameter of the Knowledge Script to Y (for Yes), which re-encodes the Discovery XML to ANSI and allows for the Discovery_NT job to run successfully and Discover Windows objects correctly.

To apply this change please perform the following steps:

1. Check out the Discovery_NT KS and open it in the Developers Console.
2. In the Developers Console, click on the View drop-down menu and choose Properties.
3. In the properties dialog, click on the Parameters tab.
4. Find the PRM_REENCODE parameter and click Modify.
5. Find the text box under 0 to hide, 1 to link w/script ext: and enter 1.
6. Find the text box under Default value: and enter y.
7. Now save your changes and check the KS back in.
8. Run Discovery_NT job.


The out-of-the-box Discovery_NT KS that ships with AM 9.1, is not Chinese locale-enabled.