Running tboot 1.8.3 causes keyboard and mouse failure

  • 7017412
  • 25-Mar-2016
  • 28-Mar-2016


SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12


Running tboot 1.8.3 on SLES 12 causes the keyboard and mouse to fail.


This keyboard and mouse failure can be avoided by updating the SLES 12 kernel to version 3.12.48-52.27.1 or later.  Alternately this issue can also be resolved by updating to SLES 12 SP1.


This bug is affected by the combination of the xhci controller and loading intel_iommu.  The kernel allocates a buffer for xhci as the register defines, but the buffer is not large enough.  This condition is not properly recognized by the xhci controller and iommu engine, so the iommu engine uses the wrong address 0, which results in dmar exception, and finally halts the xhci.

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