Filr is unable to connect to a CIFS share hosted on a NetAPP NAS

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  • 25-Mar-2016
  • 21-Mar-2017


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Building a Net Folder using a CIFs share hosted on a NetAPP NAS device or a DFS Name Space that contains a target server pointing to a CIFS share on a NetAPP NAS fails.

ERROR:CIFSOperations::ListAll:[sid - xyz==] SMBC_Stat failed Invalid argument
ERROR:thread_handler: request processing failed - FAMT_INVALID_PARAMETERS
ERROR:sendStatus: sending status ret: FAMT_INVALID_PARAMETERS


For Filr up to and including Filr 1.2

Reconfigure the /etc/samba/smb.conf file, under the [global] section of that file as listed under the smb.conf section of this TID.

For Filr 2.0 and up

Add the following configuration parameter to the [global] section of  /etc/opt/novell/filr/.smb/smb.conf file:


client max protocol = NT1 


NetAPP NAS devices running ONTAB 8.3 or older do not have a full implementation of SMBv2.
In this particular case the NetAPP server incorrectly returned error STATUS_NOT_SUPPORTED in response to a SMB2 QUERY_INFO request of InfoType SMB2_0_INFO_FILE and FileInfoClass (a.k.a. InformationLevel) FILE_ALL_INFORMATION.

Additional Information

Verify with NetAPP what level of authentication and samba / cifs the specific ONTAP release offers and supports.

However, please be aware that the samba server of the NetApp has not implemented all info levels in their SMBv2 implementation as per samba.
Therefor, even when the NetAPP supports SMBv2 it's still required to set the client max protocol to NT1

In case it does allow NTLMv2 the client ntlmv2 auth can be removed or edited to it reads yes

Although this TID is written for NetAPP NAS devices, this might be of use to NAS devices from other vendors.
The main rules of fist in the capability of the usage of a NAS device in an AD Domain environment with Filr are:
  • The NAS device must be a member of the AD domain
  • Rights granted to the shares and data hosted on the NAS device must be granted to AD users and groups.
  • The Net Folder Server proxy user must have full access to the shares and data hosted on the NAS device.
  • The Filr must be able to resolve the NAS devices name in both long ans short DNS notation.
Failing to follow these prerequisites will cause the NAS device to become unusable by Filr.

More details on the smb.conf can be found in the manpage