Novell Client contextless login fails with "No LDAP server specified"

  • 7017400
  • 22-Mar-2016
  • 25-Mar-2016


Novell Client 2 SP4 for Windows (IR2)


When attempting to login, after providing the username and tabbing to the password field, the LDAP contextless login should activate to auto-fill the user's context, but instead returns the error "LDAP Contextless Login: No LDAP server specified."


The error message does not point to the actual problem, so one must ensure the certificate specified is valid, and mint a new one if necessary using the steps detailed in TID#7016120 - Securing LDAP Contextless Login.


Even with a LDAP server correctly configured, this error message will be returned if the certificate specified in the Novell Client Properties > LDAP Contextless Login tab > Server IP address/DNS name > Properties > Encrypted Data (TLS) > "Certificate Name and Location:" field is corrupt or otherwise unusable.