Directory Distinguished Name Deprecated in GroupWise 2014 and Later

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  • 15-Mar-2016
  • 15-Mar-2016


Novell GroupWise 2014


Prior to GroupWise 2014, when GroupWise User objects were associated with eDirectory objects, a field "Directory Distinguished Name" was populated with the fully qualified name of the object, i.e.  user.organizaional_unit.orginization .  It is no longer populated in versions equal to or newer than GroupWise 2014.


With the release of GroupWise 2014 and the removal of dependence on eDirectory, this field is no longer populated.  All new users will not have this field populated, regardless of the association a GroupWise user has to eDirectory.  Older objects will continue to display the values brought over from GroupWise 2012 or older until a user has new data populated that is synchronized via MTA Directory Synchronization.
There is no other way to populate this field, even through the Administration REST Service.


This field has been deprecated in newer GroupWise releases.