How to override the default REST server for a specfic Web Console Server

  • 7017367
  • 15-Mar-2016
  • 30-Jun-2016


Directory Resource Administrator 9.0.x


Within Directory Resource Administrator 9.0.1 and newer, a Web Console (referred to as Web Console 2.0 for the purposes of this KB) has been introduced. Along with an updated Web Console, DRA introduced two new Windows services: DRA REST Service and DRA Host Service. The Web Console 2.0 uses the REST service to talk to a DRA host service on a specific DRA Server. The DRA Host service will interact with the DRA Administration Service. The Web Console 2.0 has the ability to use different options for picking a REST server. A DRA Assistant Admin with DRA Administration powers can customize the Web Console 2.0 to provide a default REST server for all DRA AAs who use a specific Web Console hosted on Windows IIS.


To customize the Web Console 2.0 configuration:

  1. Launch the new web console in a Web Browser
    • The default URL for the Web Console 2.0 is https://<IIS Server name>/DRAClient
  2. Logon to the Web Console 2.0 as an Active Directory user with DRA Administration Powers
  3. From the main home page, use the tasks menu to launch the Customize Web Console
  4. From the Customize Web Console sub menu choose Web Console Configuration
  5. Once in the Web Console Configuration, choose the Service Connections section
  6. The Service Connection section has 3 options for a REST Service Location:
    1. Always -- This will provide users with a default REST Server pre-populated . The values provides to the user are set via the Customize Web Console option. This value will be presented as the default value to the users of this specific IIS Server.
    2. Never -- This will allow the users to always choose their own options for selecting a REST Server
    3. Only if Selected -- This will allow the users to choose the default option, or pick a different setting for REST Server.


There may be times where there is a need to guide all users of a specific Web Console host to use a specific REST Server by default.