Integration with NetIQ Access Manager (NAM) isn't working

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  • 15-Mar-2016
  • 09-Aug-2018


NetIQ Privileged Account Manager
NetIQ Privileged User Manager


Integration through Identity Injection with NetIQ Access Manager (NAM) isn't working
Unable or can't access PAM with single-sign-on URL (SSO)
NAM SSO to PAM's Admin Console and/or MyAccess page fails:
  • PAM 3.5 Admin & User Consoles (new):

  • PAM 3.2 (and below) Admin & User Consoles (old):


Documentation covers the configuration needed when Integrating with NetIQ Access Manager. To integrate Privileged Account Manager with NAM for SSO, please create a protected resource in Access Manager for PAM and a policy for injecting the appropriate custom headers as described below.

Policy Configuration:
The following headers or flags need to be configured for SSO to work. Please inject the following into custom headers.

PAM Admin Console:
  • Set X_PUM_Admin to PAM admin user name.
  • Set X_PUM_Passwd to PAM admin password.

PAM User Console (MyAccess):

  • Set X_PUM_RDP_USER to PAM admin user name.
  • Set X_PUM_RDP_PWD to PAM admin password.