Novell products and GNU glibc vulnerability (CVE-2015-7547)

  • 7017329
  • 03-Mar-2016
  • 09-Mar-2016


On 16 February 2016, a vulnerability in GNU glibc was disclosed by Google


SuSE has released a Technical Information Document with information on which SuSE products are affected and how to obtain patches to address the vulnerability (see

Some Novell and Micro Focus products may also be affected by the vulnerability, and we are currently investigating the problem and potential fixes, and this TID will be updated as more specific information becomes available.


Updates are planned to resolve this vulnerability for the following Novell/Micro Focus products:
iPrint 2.0 Appliance
An update is planned for April 2016
iPrint 1.1 Patch 5 Appliance
An update is planned for April 2016
Open Enterprise Server
For OES 11 SP2 and OES 2015, updates are available in the channel for SLES 11 SP3
Novell/Micro Focus ZENworks 11.4.x Appliance
An update should be available through the appliance update channel in early March 2016.
Novell/Micro Focus ZENworks Service Desk Appliance
An update is planned for March 2016
Novell Filr Appliance
For Filr 1.2, an update is available at:
For Filr 2.0, and update is available at:


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