Error when running SCAP template

  • 7017328
  • 03-Mar-2016
  • 05-Apr-2016


NetIQ Secure Configuration Manager 6.0


An error occurs when running an SCAP template.  The error message is "The agent cannot run the specified SCAP policy template because it cannot resolve the Core Services computer name.  Ensure the Core Services computer IP address is specified in the agent properties."


Perform the following steps:

1. Prior to converting the SCAP contents to XCCDF Conversion Utility, rename all the SCAP files so that they don't contain any space. As an example, if the XCCDF file name is NB Win2008R2 DC-xccdf.xml, rename it to NB-Win2008R2-DC-xccdf.xml.

2. As per above example, rename all occurrences of "NB Win2008R2 DC" to "NB-Win2008R2-DC" in NB-Win2008R2-DC-cpe-dictionary.xml and NB-Win2008R2-DC-xccdf.xml files.

3. Now import the XCCDF file to XCCDF Conversion Utility.


This issue may occur when the SCAP template refers to XCCDF files that have spaces in their names. Spaces are not considered, and this causes the SCAP template to fail.