GWHA not working after upgrading to GroupWise 2014 R2

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  • 29-Feb-2016
  • 29-Feb-2016


Novell GroupWise 2014 R2


Unable to get GWHA working after upgrading to 2014 R2
GroupWise High Availability is not starting agents after upgrade


  1. Edit the /etc/xinetd.d/gwha
  2. Add the the following line to the bottom of the file
    env = LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/novell/groupwise/agents/lib
    Note: There is an template conf file that can be found at /opt/novell/groupwise/agents/data/templates/gwha.xinetd.template that the /etc/xinetd.d/gwha file should look like
  3. Restart xinetd by typing rcxinetd restart
    Note:  Check that the service is properly listening by typing netstat -peanut | grep :8400
  4. Stop an agent to see if it is now bringing the service back up as expected

If the line above was already added, please follow the guide outlined here to make sure everything else is configured properly


There is some architectural changes in R2 that require the lib directory specified above to be added to the env path


Reported to Engineering