ZCM Bundle Uninstall Action - Actions after Reboot/Shutdown Action will not execute

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  • 24-Feb-2016
  • 03-Jun-2016


Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11.3 ActionHandlers
Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11.4 ActionHandlers


Uninstall Requirement: A Shutdown/Reboot in an Uninstall Action Set before completing the uninstall.
Reason for needing to Shutdown/Reboot: during uninstall of an application; files may be locked requiring a reboot before completing the uninstall.
Bundle Uninstall actions following the Shutdown/Reboot action will not execute.

~  Install Action Set  ~
1- Install MSI
2- Prompt User - "Bundle Completed"

~  Uninstall Action Set  ~
1- Undo Uninstall Actions
2- Prompt User - "Shutdown Warning"
3- Shutdown/Reboot (Reboot)
4- Prompt User - "Warning Finishing Uninstall"
5- Registry Edit
6- Directory Removal

Bundle Uninstall Actions 4-6 will not execute


This issue using "Shutdown/Reboot" Action in an Uninstall Action set, is resolved in ZCM v11.4.2.

Work around for bundle Uninstall "Reboot/Shutdown" Action -

If using MSI -
Instead of "Undo Install Actions" and "Shutdown/Reboot" action, use "Launch Executable" Action like;
msiexec.exe  /x  <program>  /qn  /forcereboot
Passing the reboot off to the msiexec command, the bundle continue with other uninstall actions after the reboot.

If using Launch Executable Action for uninstall -
Split the Uninstall in a couple action sets with dependencies the second running after the reboot for cleanup.
Example: If files exist then "Remove Directory" action.


Once Reboot/Shutdown occurs the applocalstate "IsInstalled" immediately set to "false".
When the device comes back after the Reboot/Shutdown, the remaining Bundle actions will not execute because the Bundle applocalstate "IsInstalled" is set to false, and believes all Uninstall Actions are completed.

Resolved in ZCM v11.4.2.