Managed agent may go unmanaged if cached service_web entry is deleted

  • 7017276
  • 18-Feb-2016
  • 18-Feb-2016


Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11.2


If the service_web entry in the agent cache is lost, the agent becomes unmanaged and does not "self-heal".  


This is fixed in 11.2.3 and later.  

Workaround, using zac command to unregister and register the device.


the service_web entry in the cache may be corrupt or missing due to improper use of zac clear-cache (example while agent is refreshing)

Additional Information

Note:  The "self healing" of the service_web object in the cache requires that the initial-web-service file in %ZENWORKS_HOME%\conf folder be intact and proper and point to an active primary server URL.  If a primary server used in the initial-web-service file is since removed from the zone, that file needs to be replaced with one from an active primary in order for the "self healing" feature to work.  This feature uses the URL and certificate in the initial-web-service to auto correct.

Note also:  In 11.4 and later, the initial-web-service file is automatically updated on refresh.