Printing thru Equitrac shows User ID as a combination of user name and Job ID when using USERNAME_CN

  • 7017251
  • 11-Feb-2016
  • 09-Jan-2018


Open Enterprise Server 11 Support Pack 2
iPrint Appliance 1.1 Patch 4


Follow-You printing is used with Equitrac. iPrint sends the print jobs using an LPR queue. The USERNAME_CN parameter is used to cause only the CN to be sent with the print job (and not the fully qualified name).  The print job is delayed and the user name format is not as expected.  Instead of the expected CN, the CN + Job ID is sent as the username.  This causes problems for the Equitrac Follow-You printing feature.


Apply OES11sp2/OES2015 March maintenance patch and beyond (including OES 2018 and whatever comes next)
Apply iPrint Appliance 1.1 Patch 5 and beyond (including iPrint Appliance version 2.x, 3.x and so forth)


There is a missing terminator at the end of the LPR User ID command.  This terminator is present when the USERNAME_CN parameter is removed from the iPrint gateway command line and the FDN is passed. That causes Equitrac to not properly recognize the User name.