How does DRA Licensing work

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  • 03-Feb-2016
  • 24-Feb-2016


NetIQ Directory Resource Administrator 8.7.2
NetIQ Directory Resource Administrator 9.0.x


NetIQ Directory and Resource Administrator is licensed on a per user basis. The DRA Administration Service will check the license status on service startup, and before each DRA operation. When the license count is exceeded DRA will no longer be able to create new objects. DRA will still be able to manage existing objects.


DRA considers a managed user object to be any AD object of user class contained within any managed domain; or managed sub-tree of a domain. DRA basis the managed user count on user objects contained within the DRA Accounts cache. Below is the method used for determining user count:
  1. DRA will count every object of user class listed in the accounts cache (Total Managed Users)
  2. DRA will count every resource and equipment mailbox object listed in the accounts cache (Total Managed Resource Mailboxes)
    • This does not apply to any version of DRA prior to DRA 8.7.2
  3. DRA will count every user object contained in the DRA Recycle Bin (Total Recycle Bin Users)
  4. DRA then builds the Total User count based upon Total Managed Users – Total Managed Resource Mailboxes – Total Recycle Bin Users

Additional Information

The total managed user count DOES include Service Accounts, User Template Accounts, Disabled Users, and any other special user type.

DRA will display a warning when the Total User count is greater than Total Licensed Seats – 50

DRA will display an error, and fail to create new objects when the Total User count is greater than or equal to Total Licensed Seats + Grace Seats

The total user count and total licensed seats can be viewed from the Help – About DRA -- Licensing