How to enable Live AD GPO backup on GPO export

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  • 02-Feb-2016
  • 24-Feb-2016


NetIQ Group Policy Administrator 6.x


NetIQ Group Policy Administrator (GPA) has the ability to create a backup of existing Group Policy Objects (GPOs) within Active Directory (AD). This allows the GPA Users the ability to roll back to a previous AD version of a GPO, in event of a problem


To enable the backup option:
  1. Logon to a GPA Console within the same domain as the GPA Server.
    • Logon to the GPA Console as an AD user with at least Full Repository Control permissions granted to the user at the top level of the GPA Repository.
  2. Right Click on the Repository Server Name.
  3. From the Right Click menu, choose properties
  4. From the Repository Properties menu, choose customize options
  5. From the custom options menu there are two options related to Live GPO backup
    1. Display the backup category
      • This shows the special Repository category containing all Live AD GPO Backups
    2. Backup live GPO during export
      • Once this option is configured, on GPO Export GPA will create a backup copy of the existing live AD GPO. This backup will be stored within the Backup category listed in the GPA Repository.
  6. Once you are done changing the settings, click OK to apply the settings and close the server options window
  7. The next time the GPA Console is re-opened the backup setting will take effect.
    • The GPO back option is a per GPA Repository option, and will apply to all managed domains