Problems when saving files after installing the OES11 SP2 January '16 Scheduled Maintenance Update.

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  • 02-Feb-2016
  • 15-Mar-2016


Novell Open Enterprise Server 11 (OES 11) Linux Support Pack 2


Following the installation of the January 2016 OES 11 SP2 Scheduled Maintenance Update (10861) several customer have reported that it is no longer possible to save files to NSS volumes.

There are different symptoms to this problem :
  • The Novell client reports "you do not have permission to modify the files in this network location".
  • On a single server with multiple NSS volumes, there may be a problem with saving files on one volume, but the same problem may for example not be seen on when saving files to another volume on the same server.
  • A file that is opened by one user through a CIFS connection, can no longer be accessed by another through the Novell Client.
  • Using a Windows workstation and the Novell Client, it was not possible to administer a server running GroupWise using ConsoleOne.
  • When a virus scanner installed on the server, this may cause random file access problems when trying to login through the Novell Client.
  • When DST is configured, and the 'Load ShadowFS' option in 'View File System' menu in Novell Remote Manager is enabled, files on the Secondary storage may no longer be accessible.


Micro Focus has released a hot patch, on top of the January '16 Scheduled Maintenance Update  : oes11sp2-February-2016-Hot-Patch-10863


NCP code that was created to resolve file access problems and an ADS database, as reported in another :  Bug #886449.

Additional Information

With the Hot patch : oes11sp2-February-2016-Hot-Patch-10863 any customer that had previously received the PTF through support, will now be able to install the official patch through the update catalogs.

Any customers that had applied the January '16 Scheduled Maintenance Update previously, and received the PTF through Technical Support, can update to official hot-patch release through the update repositories.