POA is almost constantly coring in DVA process after upgrade to R2.

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  • 29-Jan-2016
  • 02-Feb-2016


Novell GroupWise 2014 R2


During a day your POA cores frequently or causes a high utilization negatively affecting a performance.


With R2 version client when end user start search or filtering this can cause a start of DVA process on a server backend. This is caused when some parts of a user mailbox who does a search was not yet indexed or there are other problems with his index files. A common situation were un-indexed attachments which failed to be indexed during scheduled QF Indexing process. If such user does now filtering or searching within his mailbox, a POA detects index problems and tries to re-index missing parts. These, if problematic, can cause extensive allocation of server resource by DVA workers.
In order to avoid such problems you can:
1. Delete and re-index entire PO.
Prior to that you can revise DVA startup file and enable following startup switches:
--maxtime 180
then save changes & restart DVA.
Also revise POA startup file and enable following options:
--dva1ipaddr <ip of dva host>
--dva1port 8301 (defualt port)
--dvafilter "pdf,img"
You can add also other file types to exclude from indexing process. Save and restart the POA and try re-indexing the POA again with those new settings. You shall start QF Indexing process preferably from a HTTP console of this PO:
Configuration tab
QuickFinder Indexing
on a new page go for:
QF Indexing Enabled
Update Indexes Only
Indexing level -> Unlimited
skip Document indexing if you do not have any Libraries
Enable Index User Database
Enable Delete Old QFindex Files

and run it. This can take longer time as all user indexes shall be deleted and mailboxes re-indexed.
2. Alternatively there was a change done recently in a GroupWise backend that would prevent DVA to be started when a R2 client does a search in a user mailbox. Contact a Technical Support and request for a FTF file for R2 version - it shall be a build #122547 or later.
On top of it ask for redist.gz file which consists of older Stellent viewers. There is currently a problem with the version we use in our builds so it is necessary to downgrade it till Stellent makes a fix. A Technical Support shall provide you with instructions.
This affects Linux distributions only.
Other thing that can temporarily help is to set in webadmin console Client Options on any PO, in General tab there is a section "Allow searches of non-indexed attachments:" set in Enabled. Change it into Disabled.