LDAP user sync issues with R2 code.

  • 7017200
  • 28-Jan-2016
  • 28-Jan-2016


Novell GroupWise 2014 R2


You had configured before upgrade LDAP Servers that point either to eDir or to Active Directory. That has been working prior upgrade. Now, if you do user changes in either of the Directory and let MTA to synchronize it, there is Success message in webadmin console but no changes get synced. MTA log file does not show any line over changed users and in GroupWise those users are not updated with newer information.


This has been reported to our engineering as a problem with shipping R2 code.
It has been meanwhile resolved. Please, contact Technical Support and request any newer FTF build of GW2014 R2.
It needs to be anything newer than a build #120199.