Shutdown bundle fails to execute w/o user login

  • 7017189
  • 26-Jan-2016
  • 21-Jul-2016


Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11.2.4 Bundles
Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11.3 Bundles
Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11.4 Bundles


Performing after hours Lights Out distributions which requires a Wake-On-LAN.
Configuring the bundle with Action set using Launch Executable windows "shutdown" command" will fail if not scheduled properly.


Recommend using the "Shutdown/Reboot" Action instead.
Using this Action command allows cached worksets to execute actions after the shutdown.

Otherwise for the "Launch Executable" Action set with the following scheduled settings;

Set Distribution Schedule: to Date Specific and Time
Set Wake-on-LAN default - checked
(Do not set Install Immediately after Distribution)

Set a Launch Schedule to date specific and time - 3 minutes later than distribution schedule.

Workstation will WoL boot and wait at the login screen.
3 minutes later the Reboot will occur with the bundle performing the Shutdown/Reboot Action.

Additional Information

Requirements:  Lights Out Distribution with WoL and no user login, need to reboot device
Create the test "Shutdown" bundle: -command: shutdown.exe
-command parameters: /r /f /t 0
Test components that fail; - Device Wake on LAN (typically scheduled off hours) - No user login on the device - Assign "Shutdown" bundle to this device scheduled 10 min later after device WoL - In ZCC refresh device - "Shutdown" bundle will not execute Login to the PC and the "Shutdown" bundle will then execute. Having user login to trigger shutdown is not the desired results.
Desired results: Lights Out Distribution using Wake-on-LAN and Reboot w/o user intervention or user login.
See resolution above for settings.