Unable to install SQL logs on a drive other than local default drive

  • 7017168
  • 19-Jan-2016
  • 19-Jan-2016


NetIQ Secure Configuration Manager 6.0


The issue happens when the SCM 6.0 installation is attempted in a distributed scenario with SCM database files on a drive other than on a regular system drive like C. 


A workaround is to create a new mapped drive (temporarily) on the local system with the same name as in the remote system's drive (network or local) where SCM installation is attempted. Please make sure this temporary mapped drive in the local system has enough space. This is required only for the installation time and later can be removed once the installation is finished. Most important is that the name of the drive should be the same as the one in the remote system where database files are present. 


The SCM installer attempts to verify the drive space by analyzing the drive (network or local) in the local system instead of the actual drive in the remote system. For example, if the drive (remote or local drive in the remote system) is "H:\", then the SCM installer will try to analyze a drive with the same literal "H" in the local system. If it is not there, the space computation operation fails causing the install to fail.


Reported to Engineering