Add the CG Server license key through command line

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  • 15-Jan-2016
  • 15-Jan-2016


NetIQ Change Guardian 4.2


Unable to access the license key area in the Webui
Manually enter the CG Server license key through the command line


To add the license key for Change Guardian Server through the command line, follow these instructions on the Server. 
1. CD to /opt/novell/sentinel/bin 
2. Change user to novell by using this command: su novell
3. To execute the program type:  ./
4. In the program select the option 1 and enter the license key. 
5. Once the program is finished change user back to root with this command: su root
6. Restart the service by typing:  rcsentinel restart


If an upgrade to Change Guardian 4.2 is executed on a server that has an expired license key, access to the Webui fails after upgrade.  Therefore the user will be unable to enter an updated license key through the Webui .