ZCM System Update to 11.3.2 FRU1 (Video Tutorial)

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  • 13-Jan-2016
  • 13-Jan-2016


Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11.3 System Update
Single Primary Server
Internal Database
Internal Certificates


ZENworks Configuration Management - ZCM Update from v11.3.0 to v11.3.2 FRU1  


ZCM Update from v11.3.0 to v11.3.2 FRU1 - Video Tutorial posted on the main Microfocus YouTube Channel.
This tutorial displays upgrading ZENworks Configuration Management primary server update process;
Downloading 11.3.2 FRU1
Importing via command: zman sui
Deploying the update to the 1st Primary server

Additional Information

Best practices for update apply - backup the server and database prior to starting.

When deploying this upgrade - start with the first ZCM Primary Server, and make sure all other ZENworks primary servers in the zone have the ZENworks services turned off.
After the first Primary server is successful and complete, then upgrade the rest of the Primary Servers.
Once all Primaries are at ZCM v11.3.2 FRU1, update the Satellite Servers.
Once all the Satellite Servers are successful and complete, deploy the upgrade to the managed devices.