OES2015 NIT configuration checks for default "Domain Admins" in English only.

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  • 12-Jan-2016
  • 12-Jan-2016


Novell Open Enterprise Server 2015 (OES 2015) Linux


When configuring the Novell Identity Translator (NIT) component from Open Enterprise Server 2015 against a localized installation of a existing Active Directory Domain, NIT will always be looking for the English version of "Domain Admins" for the AD Supervisor Group.

However, in for for example the French language, "Domain Admins" will be spelled as  "admins du domaine" and therefor the NIT configuration will fail.


The workaround here would be to use nitconfig from a terminal and manually configure the appropriate name for the group.
For example : "nitconfig set ad-supervisor-group="Admins du domaine"

The need to manually configure NIT as described above, in order to be able and connect to the AD Supervisor Group, may exist for other localized installations of AD as well.


Inadequate localization.

Additional Information

This has been reported to Engineering.