User import of eDirectory users and a group results in the imported users showing as group objects

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  • 31-Dec-2015
  • 31-Dec-2015


Novell GroupWise 2014 R2


When you import eDirectory users and an eDirectory group from System, User Import, the result is you end up with the eDirectory users you imported showing up as Groups objects in the GW2014 R2 web admin console.  The users also do not show up in the list of Users.


This has been reported to development.

Additional Information

Steps to duplicate:

1.  In ConsoleOne or Imanager create User1 thru User5. 

2.  In ConsoleOne or Imanager create an eDirectory group, place User1 thru 5 in this group as members.  Place the group in the same container
as the users.

3.  Create an eDirectory Ldap server (where User1 thru user5 are located) in the GW2014 R2 web admin console, System, Ldap Servers.

4.  Select System, User Import.

5.  Select the eDirectory Directory you previously created.

6.  Select the Post Office.

7.  Select the correct context for the users and group.

8.  Check off "Search Users" and "Include Groups"

9.  Click on PREVIEW.

10.  You will see User1 thru User5 and your eDirectory group name.

11.  Click on the Import Users button at the bottom.  The action status will be "Success" for all users and the group. Click Close.

12. Click on Groups, you will see that User1 thru User5 and the group name ALL show as groups.