How to remove LDAP attribute from a user object.

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  • 28-Dec-2015
  • 28-Dec-2015


Novell Vibe 4


You had a local Vibe user which was by mistake associated with some Directory user object during LDAP sync.


This can be done from a database editing tool. Here is example from MySQL:
1. Login as root to MySQL.
2. Change database:
use sitescape;
3. Remove LDAP attribute from <user>:
update ss_principals set fromLdap=0, fromLocal=1 where name='<user>' and type='user';
4. You can review other attributes of that <user> to see which one needs still to be cleared:
select * from ss_principals where name='<user>' and type ='user';
If you want to clear some attribute, simply set empty character between two ' characters, example:
update ss_principals set ldapGuid='' where name='<user>' and type='user';