Add and Remove buttons disabled in SecureLogin Wizard

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  • 23-Dec-2015
  • 23-Dec-2015


NetIQ SecureLogin
NSL 8.x
Application Definition Wizard


"Add" and "Remove" buttons greyed out
"Add" and "Remove" options disabled on "Matching Criteria" page of Application Definition Wizard
When are the "add" and "remove" buttons active?
How to enable "Add" and "Remove" buttons on "Matching Criteria" page


The "Add" button will be disabled for a listed item if that item has already been selected for use in the matching rules.  This selection usually occurs because of previous selections made through the wizard, but can also occur if the item has previously been added on the "Matching Criteria" page.

The "Remove" button will be disabled if the control corresponds with a field that is being used by SecureLogin for input, reauthentication, or submit functions.

In the screenshots above, all items listed were: 
1 - already selected in the previous Wizard screens (thus the "Add" button is disabled as expected)
2 - used as input fields or to submit the page  (thus the "Remove" button is disabled as expected)

To activate the "add" button use the “Choose” arrow to select a field that is not already listed.

To activate the "remove" button select an item in the list that is not being used by SecureLogin for entering credentials, for submitting the page, or for reauthentication. 

Additional Information

Most of the fields identified by the Wizard will be matched on the existence of the control.  To match on the field label or on specific text select the "Configure more detailed match for this control" and select the appropriate option from the drop down box.