How to install the Policy Editor

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  • 22-Dec-2015
  • 22-Dec-2015


NetIQ Change Guardian 4.2


How to install the Change Guardian Policy Editor version 4.2.
Where is the Change Guardian Policy Editor for version 4.2?
The Policy Editor for Change Guardian 4.2 software is missing from the website. 


Installing the Policy Editor
The Policy Editor interface lets you configure monitoring policies and assign monitoring policies to
monitored computers.
To install the Policy Editor:
  1.  In a web browser, access the Change Guardian web console at https://server:8443, where server is the IP address of the Change Guardian server.
  2. When prompted, provide your Change Guardian user name and password.
  3. Click Integration, and then click Agent Manager.
  4. Click All Assets, and then click Manage Installation and select Download.
  5. Select Change Guardian Policy Editor, and then click Start Download. Agent Manager downloads to your computer.
  6. Copy to the computer where you want to install the Policy Editor and extract the files. The package includes NetIQCGPolicyEditorInstaller.exe and NetIQCGPolicyEditorInstaller.config. Both files must be in the same directory.
  7.  Log in to the computer where you want to install the Policy Editor with an administrator account.
  8. Run the installation program, NetIQCGPolicyEditorInstaller.exe, and follow the instructions.
  9. When the installation completes, click Finish.


The download package for Change Guardian has been modified with version 4.2 and later.  This incorporates the installation package into the CG Server to allow web access to the installation files and downloads.