iFolder AutoAccount.xml file is not read

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  • 16-Dec-2015
  • 16-Dec-2015


Novell iFolder 3.92


When iFolder starts for the first time, it doesn't read the AutoAccount.xml file, but instead prompts the user for the information that was populated in AutoAccount.xml response file

Using ZENworks Configuration Manager to deploy iFolder


Use the iFolder .msi instead of the .exe. This requires that you first extract the .MSI. Follow these steps:
  1. Download the iFolder client install from the iFolder server (http://<iFolder Server IP>/welcome/client-software.html).
  2. Run the installation (e.g. ifolder3-windows-x64.exe).
  3. When the "iFolder 3 Client - InstallShield Wizard" window appears, use Windows search to find "iFolder 3 Client.msi".
  4. Copy the MSI to a location available to the ZCM package.
  5. Cancel the iFolder installation started in Step 2.
In the ZCM package, use the following command line to install the iFolder client: 
msiexec /i "iFolder 3 Install.msi"

To this line can be appended any desired msiexec command line options, such as /norestart /qn!, which will provide a quiet install with no UI, no logging (!), and no restart after installation is complete. To view the available options, run "ifolder 3 client.msi" /?

See section 6.11 of the iFolder Administration Guide for information about the iFolder Auto-account creation facility. 

Note: Response file parameters accept Windows environment variables, e.g. <user-id> %USER%</user-id> 


The AutoAccount.xml file should be placed in the %LOCALAPPDATA%\simias folder (for example, C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\simias). The mandatory fields are "Server" and "Username". When the AutoAccount.xml response file is properly created and correctly placed, it should be read when the iFolder client first initializes.  However, when the iFolder client is installed, a reboot is required which creates the /simias directory and starts the iFolder client.  Since the autoaccount.xml is not yet present, the iFolder client loads in memory without the configuration.  If the autoaccount.xml is then created and placed into the /simias directory, the already initialized iFolder client will ignore it upon startup.  The iFolder client must be exited or closed and then started in order for the .xml to be read.

Additional Information

See TID 7016969 for information relating to ongoing support for iFolder and related recommendations.