After upgrading GroupWise and Mobility services to R2, GroupWise sync is broken

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  • 14-Dec-2015
  • 14-Dec-2015


Novell GroupWise Mobility Service 2014 R2
Novell GroupWise 2014 R2


After upgrading to GroupWise and GMS to GroupWise 2014 R2 mobile users will not sync
After upgrading to GroupWise and GMS to GroupWise 2014 R2, GroupWise sync breaks
After upgrading to GroupWise and GMS to GroupWise 2014 R2, all users show as failed
GroupWise 2014 R2 Admin console shows something like (GW 2014) next to the names in Overview
The groupwise-agent.log shows that there is an incompatible post office version detected during login


  1. Launch a terminal session on the primary GroupWise server
  2. Change the directory to /opt/novell/groupwise/admin/data and type cp *dc /path/to/domain/directory
    Note: Change the path to the domain directory on the server
  3. Stop and start the GroupWise services by typing rcgrpwise stop ; rcgrpwise start
  4. Verify that the GroupWise databases upgraded by navigating to the GroupWise admin console | Overview  and verifying that the agents no longer have the (GW 2014) next to the agent names.  If this is still there, the system has not upgraded properly
    Note: The database version can also be checked at Domain | General, the database version should say 1420
  5. Switch to the mobility server and restart gms by typing rcgms restart

Additional Information

The error in the log looks something like below

[userID:user1] [eventID:] [objectID:] [] GroupWise login error for user (user1): GroupWise login response returned code: 53336 (Incompatible Post Office version detected during login).

2015-12-14 17:54:16.259 WARNING [INIT_USERS_POOL_Thread-6] [gwuserlist:285] [userID:dlindsey] [eventID:] [objectID:] [configureUser] Failed to find user dlindsey in cache or failed GroupWise login! Can not complete this users configurations without logging in.

2015-12-14 17:54:16.261 DEBUG [INIT_USERS_POOL_Thread-6] [monitoragent:388] [userID:] [eventID:] [objectID:] [] Alert "Failed to configure user in cache or failed GroupWise login" sent successfully