Windows AD: Unable to add, modify or delete files due to incorrect NAME to SID translation

  • 7017067
  • 10-Dec-2015
  • 07-Apr-2016


Novell Filr 1.2
Novell Filr 2.0


For Windows Active Directory provisioned users and Net Folders: Users are able to see the files in the Net Folders but any attempt to add, modify or delete files/folders fails. This was observed where backend filesystem was located on a NAS (such as Hitachi HNAS 4100).


A fix for this issue is available in the Filr 1.2 Hot Patch 5 / Filr 2.0 Hot Patch 1, available via the Novell Patch Finder.


Username to SID translation was not being done correctly which was leading up to this problem.