OES DHCP console hangs or stalls when adding or editing a host entry

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  • 04-Dec-2015
  • 04-Dec-2015


Novell Open Enterprise Server 11 (OES 11) Linux Support Pack 2
Novell Open Enterprise Server 2015 (OES 2015) Linux


The DHCP java console appears to be working for many things, but when attempting to create a host entry within a subnet, after filling out the form and clicking "create", it just stalls.  A red bar on the lower right corner moves back and forth like the console is trying to do something, but it never finishes.  It is not really a hang, as clicking elsewhere will recover control.  But the task doesn't get performed.

Alternatively, when clicking on an existing host to try to access it's configuration, the same type of stall occurs.

Servers, services, subnets, and pool objects can be accessed without problem.


Update to the dnsdhcp console materials supplied in OES November 2015 maintenance.  The new java console supplied there corrects this problem.
Getting the new console will involve 2 steps:
1.  Update the OES server so it contains the new version of novell-dnsdhcp-javaconsole.
    For OES 11 SP2:  2.0.4-
    For OES 2015:  2.4.0-0.61.1
2.  From a web browser on the system where you wish to run the DNSDHCP Java Console, connect to the OES server, select the "Client Software" tab, and download the new console for your platform.  The Java console files can be extracted to any path and then run from that location.


The problem occurs when DHCP is being administered on a system which does not also perform DNS functions.  If both are present, the java console does not have this problem.  The DHCP console contained some logic which assumed both would be present.  This has been corrected.