Regular users are unable to see Featured Items in Provisioning Dashboard

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  • 03-Dec-2015
  • 03-Dec-2015


NetIQ Identity Manager 4.0.2
NetIQ Identity Manager 4.5


Under certain circumstances, regular users stop seeing the section "Featured Items" in the Identity Manager Provisioning Dashboard web page. This happens in particular when the Featured Items section has been configured to provide quick access to workflows. The problem occurs even if the user has rights to see or execute this workflows, something that can be checked by looking for the particular action in the "Make a Request" section.
In this scenario, the Featured Items are properly displayed and can be further customized by a user with Administrator privileges.


This issue will occur if any of the Featured Items is associated with a Provisioning Request Definition (PRD or Workflow) that has been marked as "Inactive". In order to avoid the problem you can set the PRD in Designer as "Active" and deploy the change. At this point, the Featured Items should be visible for regular users.

If it's necessary to leave the PRD as inactive, it's recommended to delete the Featured Item that points to it. After that, it should be possible to set it again as "Inactive".

Additional Information

The issue has been reported to engineering and it should be addressed in an upcoming release of the product.