ZPM creates Patch Bundle sub-folders with different language style month shortcuts

  • 7017004
  • 19-Nov-2015
  • 19-Nov-2015


Novell ZENworks Patch Management 11.3
Novell ZENworks Patch Management 11.4


The Patch Subscription Service is running on a Windows based Primary Server.
The user account used for running the novell-zenserver and novell-zenloader services are configured to different language setting on different Primary Servers.

E.g. rebuilding a Patch Policy being connected to ZENworks Control Center on a Primary Server where this user account is set to German language, related Patch Bundle parent folder names are created with German style month shortcut like: Mrz-2015 or Mai-2015 instead of Mar-2015 or May-2015

In case the Primary Server connected for ZENworks Control Center and another Primary Server running the Patch Subscription Service are configured for different language settings as above, a Patch Policy Rebuild create Patch Bundle templates under a different folder name than the Patch Subscription Service is using to actually fill the required Install Actions, leaving behind an assigned but corrupted Patch Bundle.


Ensure the ZENworks services user account is configured to same language settings (preferably US English) on all Primary Servers.

Steps to update the language settings:
1. Create a local user account with US English language settings
2. Locate this user's Windows SID by opening cmd.exe command line and run this command:
wmic useraccount where (name='<username>' and domain='%<computername>%') get sid
3. Start the registry editor and export the registry key HKEY_USERS\<User SID>\Control Panel\International into a reg file.
4. Launch services.msc, open the properties of the Novell ZENworks Loader Service and gather the user account name from the Log On tab (without leading .\).
5. Gather the Windows SID for this user account with the same command as in (2).
6. Edit the reg file created in (3) and replace the all occurrences of the user SID with the one collect in (5).
7. Merge the reg file.
8. Restart the Windows Primary Server.


The patch folders are created with month shortcuts style following the language settings of the ZENworks services user account settings. This can lead to corrupted Patch Bundles if the ZENworks services are running with different language settings on different Primary Servers. This can be particular hard to maintain with mixed Primary Server OS platforms.


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