Javax exception on attempting to expand or click on GroupWise Group with a space in the name

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  • 06-Nov-2015
  • 06-Nov-2015


Novell GroupWise 2014


In the GroupWise Web Administration console (In Firefox 41.0 or 41.0.2 or 42.0) attempting to expand or click on a GroupWise Group that happens to have a space in the name causes an error in the GroupWise 2014 Web admin console :

"javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: The object is invalid.


In Firefox,  enter the URL of about:config.  Search for dom.url.getters_decode_hash

double click on this entry to toggle the value to true.

Real fix is to update the GTK to 2.7.  We are already at 2.7 in Cornell (Next major version of GroupWise, due out in December 2015)

 and it is too invasive to port back to 14.0.x