Blank page accessing appmarks after upgrading Android device to 5.1.1 with MobileAccess

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  • 20-Oct-2015
  • 20-Oct-2015


NetIQ CloudAccess 2.2
NetIQ MobileAccess 2.2


CloudAccess setup and working well - all appmarks are available for the appropriate users and both desktop users, IOS users and Android users can view applications when clicked.

One user complained about not being able to view the Application content after upgrading the Android OS to 5.1.1. After some initial tests, we confirmed that it applied to all Appmarks from that device ie. SAML connectors, bookmarks, basic SSO connectors, etc. Testing from another device running the same OS appeared to work correctly.

When the Appmark was clicked in the failing case, the Chrome browser would start and a blank page rendered ie, no indication whatsoever that the user was on the Application. There were no error messages reported.


Modify the Chrome settings on the Android device and make sure the option "merge tabs and apps" is disabled. After making the change, all working fine for this user.