RBE - Entitlement is of IDM4 Format & is NOT Supported Error in iManager

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  • 09-Oct-2015
  • 09-Oct-2015


NetIQ Identity Manager 4.x
NetIQ Identity Manager Driver - Active Directory


When trying to create an entitlement policy in iManager to be used by the Entitlement Service Driver, the User Account Entitlement is not selectable.  The following error is received:  The Entitlement you are tyring to use is of IDM4 format and its working is not supported from iManager.


Reconfigure the entitlement you are trying to select to use the legacy format of the entitlement.   Then you will be able to select it in iManager when configuring your entitlement policy.

To do this edit the Driver Properties, GCV's, Entitlements, under the specific entitlement section, change the Parameter format field to legacy.

After making the change and clicking OK, you can then select the entitlement without getting an error.


The entitlements for drivers installed using the current packages are configured to use the new standardized JSON format.  This format is classified as an IDM4 format type entitlement and is the same format for all entitlements on current drivers.    The legacy format could be different for each driver and was not standardized.

Role Based Entitlements using the entitlements service driver need to use the legacy format to be selectable in iManager.