How to delete an entry from a IDM Driver Cache using dxcmd

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  • 07-Oct-2015
  • 27-Oct-2015


NetIQ Identity Manager


How do you delete an entry from the driver cache using dxcmd?


You can delete an entry from the driver cache using dxcmd.   Here is an example of how to do that.

- The event-id value has to be specified for the transaction in question that is to be deleted from the cache
- The position has to be always set to 0.

Example :

Launch dxcmd and login.  
Select 3. Driver operations
Select the driver for which you want to delete an entry from cache
Select 14. Cache operations
Select 4. Delete cached transactions

Enter position token (default=0): 0

Enter event-id value of first transaction record to delete (optional): LDAP Driver#Publisher#0:ddbf9fdc-b76f-4266-8651-ec5deb15a9ff

Enter number of transaction records to delete (default=1): 1

-  The position token is always zero.
-  You need the event-id of the transaction you want to delete.   You can optain this with dxcmd and option 3. View cached transactions and dumping it to a file or the screen.   However it is cumbersome.    You may want to use iManager and Driver Cache Inspector plugin to view the transactions and get the event-id.
-  Once you specify the event-id, that is the starting point of the deletion in cache.   You can delete just that entry with a 1 in "Enter number of transaction records to delete", or that record and the following 9 records by entering a 10.