Identity Manager connect JCBC Driver as sysdba

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  • 23-Sep-2015
  • 23-Sep-2015


NetIQ Identity Manager Driver - JDBC


In the JDBC driver documentation it is described how to change the driver parameters by modifying the descriptor files for the specific driver.

See table 5-4, page 47 in

But there is no information on how to make the driver connect to for Oracle as 'sysdba'


To make this work do the following:

1) modify as per documentation open the _oracle_jdbc.xml  (contained in JDBCConfig.jar => com/novell/nds/dirxml/driver/jdbc/db/descriptor/driver/_oracle_jdbc.xml )
2) comment the connection-parameters, and make the following changes:

<connection-properties>user={$username}; password={$password}; oracle.jdbc.defaultNChar=true</connection-properties>

 <connection-properties>user={$username}; password={$password}; internal_logon=sysdba; oracle.jdbc.defaultNChar=true</connection-properties>

3) update the JDBCConfig.jar as per documentation and deploy it to the lib or classes directory on the IDM Engine server.