Error while creating pool on shared device or expanding pool

  • 7016857
  • 18-Sep-2015
  • 22-Oct-2015


Novell Open Enterprise Server 11 (OES 11) Linux Support Pack 2
Novell Cluster Services 2.2.0


Error: "Error 23312: Unable to find matching freespace on the device" when creating cluster resource
Error: "NCS failed to create SDB partition" when installing new cluster
Error: "nssmu: Error 22 from DM resume ioctl (mpathX_partY): Invalid argument"


A fix, to avoid encountering this issue, has been released as part of the September 2015 maintenance for OES 11 SP2.  Please apply the update and reboot.

If you have encountered this issue and the update does not help, you have two options
  1. you can initialize the device to wipe it and start fresh
    NOTE: this *WILL* remove any data on the device.  If a volume occupies any part of the space on the device, and you *need*/want this data, go to option #2.

  2. Contact Technical Support/Customer Care for assistance with correcting the partition table.